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Vidyā Praśasyate Lokaiḥ Vidyā Sarvatra Gauravā।
Vidyayā Labhate Sarvaṁ Vidvāna Sarvatra Pūjyate ।।

The meaning in English of this beautiful Sanskrit verse is that knowledge is extolled by everyone, knowledge is considered great everywhere, one can attain everything with the help of knowledge, a knowledgeable person is respected everywhere

CBIC has undertaken a number of number of trade facilitation measures and simplification of Rules and Procedure in the interest of trade and general public involved in the supply of goods and services in the International Supply Chain. All concerned including officers of Customs are required to have knowledge of such measures in order to reduce time and cost of supply. Towards this end, Principal Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone I Shri Pramod Kumar Agrawal visualized and set up a capacity building program under the name and style of ‘SAMARTH SEVAK” project for the officers/staff, in areas where there is knowledge gap or lack of clarity, in order to ensure that officers/staff of Mumbai Customs Zone I are able to serve the public with utmost efficiency.

A dedicated Cell, for co-ordination and monitoring of “SAMARTH SEVAK” project, has since been constituted in PCCO under Additional Commissioner, PCCO, Zone I.

The Samarth Sevak project was inaugurated by Shri Balesh Kumar Member CBIC at the Daya Shankar Auditorium at New Custom House Mumbai on August 01, 2022. Since then trainings are being conducted on a weekly basis, every Wednesday morning and are customised based on the training needs of officers posted in various Sections/Units.

We hope to continue with the same enthusiasm with the aim of helping officers at cutting edge level who are directly dealing with documents and goods, to be up to date with the relevant Rules and Regulations and to enhance their capabilities and enable them to undertake their day to day work effortlessly and efficiently.